Bridge the Trust Gap Between You and Your Prospects

Why We Like LinkedIn As A Platform To Generate New Revenue

Every purchased database has incomplete records:

  • info@ email addresses
  • phone numbers that go to the general number, and people who no longer work there

And the higher the financial value of the person, the less likely they exist in a database you can buy.

And even if the records are good, when was the last time you picked up the phone to a number you didn’t recognize or replied to a cold email asking you to consider buying something? People are reticent to any outside sales approaches, and starting conversations with people who don’t know you is more challenging than ever.

LinkedIn doesn’t work that way because people understand it is a connection network. So they are much more open to starting a conversation with people they don’t know if they believe there is something in it for them.

LinkedIn is the most powerful global database for one simple reason: all the records are always up to date because the people in the database keep them up to date.

So the power of database marketing applied to LinkedIn allows companies and groups to reach out to very selective people.

LinkedIn provides a medium that enables people to introduce themselves and hopefully have a conversation with someone that would be virtually impossible to speak to unless you had a personal introduction.

Why We Like The Roundtable Strategy on LinkedIn


Most companies either can’t generate new revenue from LinkedIn or aren’t getting the volume of new business they could be getting through the platform.


The LinkedIn Roundtable program will help you leverage LinkedIn to achieve the following,

    • Bridge the “Trust Gap” between you and your prospects
    • Create a repeatable and scalable lead generation process that consistently performs
    • Generate immediately qualified leads for your B2B business
    • Engage and monetize your current list of connections
    • Provides significantly improved lead quality compared to other strategies
    • Significantly improved lead velocity
    • Create a massive funnel accelerant
    • The strategy is equally effective in generating interest and engagement for both new connections as well as existing connections

Our Proven Process


Optimizing your profile is critical to generating leads on LinkedIn.

We will re-configure your LinkedIn profile to support the outreach messaging and highlight your unique value proposition.


  • New Prospect Outreach
  • We will create a list of your ideal target audience and reach out to up to 1,000 people per month and invite them to your Roundtables
  • Existing Connections Outreach
  • We will create a list of your ideal target audience that you are already connected with and send out up to 1,200 messages sent per month promoting your Roundtables
  • LinkedIn messaging strategy and sales copy written for you
  • Multi-touch direct message campaign to all new connections
  • Direct message campaign to existing LinkedIn connections
  • 10 to 15 warm Roundtable participants per month on average (assuming two Roundtables per month)
  • 150 to 200 new connections/month on average


  • All new connections (approximately 150 to 200 per month) that do not respond to the LinkedIn Messaging will transition to a short-term personal email lead generation messaging sequence.
  • The emails look personal (one to one), which helps with increased deliverability, opens and responses
  • We help create the email copy
  • Prospects that go through the email lead generation sequence are added to a long-term nurturing campaign.
  • We help create the email copy


  • We will set up the registration process with your existing meeting platform
  • We create the content for the confirmation, reminder and post Roundtable follow-up emails
  • The platform used to host a Roundtable should have a personal feel (one to one), not a webinar feel (one to many). So, for example, use Zoom meeting instead of Zoom webinar.


  • We help to co-create the event copy and the content for the Roundtable slide deck, including Calls to Action


  • Using we will connect your LinkedIn campaign with your CRM and email platform.
  • Custom integration into most CRMs and marketing automation software


  • Weekly meetings to review, revise and optimize the Roundtable campaign

How Many Leads Can we Generate in One Day?

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