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How We Help our clients generate revenue on linkedIn

LinkedIn Consulting (Monthly Package)

With our LinkedIn Blueprint and private 1-on-1 sessions, we will guide you through creating, developing, managing, and executing a turnkey LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation Strategy using the same tools that we use in our business and our clients.

Recommended for b2B Businesses that:

  • Want to generate more revenue through LinkedIn
  • Want to create a scalable and predictable lead generation and nurturing process
  • Want access to the current strategies that are generating results on LinkedIn for our clients


  • 4 – one-hour meetings per month (all sessions recorded)
  • Unlimited email or Slack support
  • Additional training videos as required

LinkedIn Hourly Coaching & Consulting

If you have a specific issue or opportunity you want to discuss on LinkedIn, this is for you.

In these hourly sessions, we will spend our time on one of the following.

1/ Creating a plan you can implement to start generating revenue on LinkedIn

2/ Solving a specific issue you have that prevents you from generating revenue on LinkedIn. For example, using the wrong strategy, messaging that is not converting, struggling to find the right audience on LinkedIn, etc.

Recommended for b2B Businesses That:

  • Need help with LinkedIn strategy
  • Have an issue or challenge with something specific they are trying to accomplish on LinkedIn
  • Can implement and run their lead generation campaigns 

Fully Managed - LinkedIn + Personal Email Lead Generation

We will partner with your organization to design, execute and fully manage a  B2B LinkedIn lead generation and personal email nurturing process for your business. This custom solution allows you to leverage our knowledge, strategies, and tactics designed to generate new opportunities and drive new revenue for your business.

Recommended for B2B Businesses that:

  • Consistently struggle to generate leads
  • Are open to an alternative to a Business Development Manager, Inside Sales Person or Marketing person full-time hire
  • Have an existing salesperson or sales team that can follow up with a steady stream of opportunities 
  • Are prepared to commit to a minimum of 3 months in the program
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30 Minute Discovery Call

Help us understand your most significant barrier to growth, and we’ll see if and how we can solve them using our proven system.